Choose from our range of pirates to suit your occasion.

Pirate Jean- The Pirate Queen- is looking for a new crew!!!

To be one of the pirate queen’s crew you must be able to complete certain tasks...
• A Pirate Dance ~to get your sea legs.
• A Pirate command game (important to able to follow captain’s orders!!)
• A pirate song- Pirates love to sing!
• A pirate map- to search for treasure.

Games ~ Stickers and more!

The Pirate Queen is also available for events, functions, roving, parades etc.
Please feel free to contact the office to discuss.

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Pirate Pickle is eager to find a new crew for his next adventure. – Do you have what it takes to be a swash-buckling scallywag?

This Pirate thinks he is the most ferocious buccaneer to ever sail the seven seas but really he’s a bit of a scaredy cat. He is looking for a crew to join his latest adventure; he will need to test your pirate skills and nautical knowledge!
How hearty is your “yo-ho-ho”? Can you tell the difference between a mermaid and an eye patch? Do you know how to walk the plank?
Pirate Pickle loves to go on treasure hunts and wild escapades but is always worried about monsters and dragons. He seems to be a bit of an unlucky pirate and needs a lot of help on his adventures.
Quick tip! First check his map isn’t upside down and that it is really a treasure map, not a monster map!

Created by Phineas Phrog

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Captain Carnie is looking for a new crew! do you know any young 'would be' pirates that might have what it takes to be part of the crew on his ship?

The good Captain will start by testing the young hopefuls with a few pirate games and by showing the skills a pirate needs to make it at sea from juggling, walking on the plank while its balanced on a cannon and getting on one wheel instead of one leg.

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